Blogging with the Rest of ‘Em

The Start of Many to Come

Alright, so I have to start this blog with a discussion of my favorite topic.  The Chicago Cubs.  As you’ll soon learn, I am a HUGE fan.  I “bleed Cubbie Blue” as the phrase goes, and some would say, I do so, literally.  I have a tattoo on my lower back.  It looks like this: 

And one day it will have a number next to it ( hopefully 2008 ), to denote the year they won the World Series.  BUT, its days like today that I am a FRUSTRATED Cubs fan.  They just won a crucial series in Milwaukee…sweeping one of our biggest rivals, with a series finale of 11 runs scored.  And today, what do they do?  OF COURSE, they score a big fat zero.  It’s the 7th inning, and they’re down 3-0.  So I replay, in my head, what I shouted at the computer yesterday as I was listening to the game, “Save some for tomorrow!”  This is what they do.  They score a ridiculous number of runs, and then can’t do a thing the next day.  And it’s the Pirates.  A team we should beat.  A team that is dead last in our division, 8 games under .500, in comparison to our record of 21 games OVER .500.  So again, WHY?  Why do they have to leave so many guys stranded?  Why can’t they come up with clutch hits? 

But, at least this season, as reflected in our record, this has been somewhat of a rarity.  They are winning, and I have to give them credit for that.  SO, I will reflect on why I love the Cubbies as much as I do.  I love that the park hasn’t sold out, that it hasn’t been inundated with advertisements, and fireworks, and big flashy screens.  I love that the ivy can look so beautifully green through out the summer (the anticipation of such is just as wonderful), and I love that there are so many different things to see and do around the park.  And the wide spread fan base is just as enjoyable.  It’s great to watch an away game on TV and see all of the red and blue shirts and caps, to hear all of the cheering for the Cubs, not against them.  It gives one a sense of pride.

And, as this exciting year is inching closer and closer to October, I can’t help but believe that my Grandfather (who passed away this year at the age of 100), a die-hard Cubs fan, is up in Heaven with the Baseball Gods, willing a World Series trip and hopefully a win.

So, I end this with, GO CUBS GO!  And hopefully I will have exciting news to post all throughout the year until the end of October.